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National Day of Smash (May 5th)

13th April, 2005. 6:15 pm. new addition(drago55565)

Hey all!

Less than a month to go!

added a 4 pound hammer to the inventor, cause I got one!

Explanation to the max!

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15th March, 2005. 5:23 pm. Idea:(drago55565)

I was thinking of using a digital camera and making before and after picturesof donated items.
Also thinking about business cards.

Will take a vote later about Smash Day fund.

Current fund total: $20.53!

Current mood: impressed.

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11th March, 2005. 11:44 am.(drago55565)

So, it's been a while but Smash day is less than two months away. time to start saving those smashables!

Also started the Smash day donation fund, all money donated will be used only on well, Smash Day related expenses. I donated all my change.

I'll update more later.

Current fund total= $6.58

Current mood: productive.

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8th February, 2005. 12:13 am. Cinco de Smasho(drago55565)

Just found out May 5th is also Cinco de Mayo, so if anyone has a sombrero that they haven't worn in a while, then would be the time!

What name do you like best?
1.Cinco de Smasho
2.The national day of Smash
3.Smasho de Mayo
4.Cinco de Smasho, the national day of Smash!
5.Other (please leave a suggestion)

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4th February, 2005. 3:00 am. Current Inventory(drago55565)

Current inventory:

The heavy:
one 8 lb sledgehammer
one tiny mallet

The destructible
one four slot toaster (donated by the Thomas family)
one door (given to me as a birthday present, maybe won't smash)

Current mood: geeky.

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2nd February, 2005. 12:41 am. The beginning(drago55565)

\\Smash Day// A new smash.
I'd like to welcome all to the Smash Day community!
Smash Day is currently planned for May 5th at my parent's house as per last year's Smash Day. Still working on the design of the community, but I'm sure in time it'll come around.

For those new to the idea of Smash Day, Smash Day is a day where we take old items and smash them with a sledge hammer. Smashing this is very therapeutic, and can relieve stress, which is why I decided to make it a holiday.

More to come later! (maybe even pictures from last year)

Current mood: determined.

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